Treat yourself at Francis' Soap Shop

Francis' Soap Shop offers dermocosmetics for all skin types, Oriental beauty elixirs, cleansing gels, firming salts from the Dead Sea, and bath milk.

It supplies world-class organic oils for moisturising and massage, natural, no preservatives or parabens. Try opuntia fig oil, an anti-ageing treatment that works like a facelift without needles, or the strongly anti-ageing argan oil from Morocco.

In Francis' Soap Shop you can buy Aleppo soap, known as excellent soap for all skin diseases. For capillaries, skin oil from the musk rose, raspberry seed oil as a sun protector with natural UV protection, and monoi oils from the exotic island of Tahiti.

All these oils will help to make your skin silky, soft, and elastic. Visit the shop to experience the beautiful scents of balm, shea butter enriched with oils. These products are firming and anti-ageing, as well as protective and therapeutic. Everything smells great and the fragrance stays on the skin for a long time. All fragrances come from essential oils.

Visit Francis' Soap Shop, Corbett Court, Galway, or see


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