How to cut hundreds off your health insurance premium

Up to 80 per cent of people are paying too much for health insurance because they do not review their plan each year.

As the health insurance market becomes increasing competitive, it is now easier than ever to save money on your premium.

Start out by considering your preferences. Opting for a semi-private, rather than wholly private room, can save you hundreds on your premium.

You can also save money if you choose to pay a small excess for a private hospital admission.

Families can save money by selecting different plans to suit their individual needs. For example, adults can enjoy plans with benefits of up to €250 back on gym memberships, dieticians, and fitness wearables, while taking advantage of discounted plans for their children.

Most importantly, do not let your cover automatically renew without first taking stock of whether it is the best plan to meet your needs in the next 12 months. With new plans regularly coming on the market, you could pay less for an alternative plan that is better to your health and lifestyle goals. With more than 350 health insurance plans available on the market in Ireland, it can be daunting and time consuming to review all the options.

Let the team at Hennelly Finance do the work for you; with a comprehensive understanding of the health insurance landscape, they will find the right cover for you and help you save money on your premium.

Get in touch with Hennelly Finance, one of the nation’s leading health insurance advisors, on 091 586 500, or call in to Aonad 3B, Tí Phuirséil, Bearna, Gaillimh.


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