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A moodboard with features for a modern, minimalist garden by Anne Byrne Garden Design

A moodboard with features for a modern, minimalist garden by Anne Byrne Garden Design

There’s one garden style I love to admire and love to design, but I’m not sure I could live with it in a ‘forever’ way myself – it’s the contemporary, minimalist style. I love these gardens and the sense of peace and calm they can bring when executed properly – the restrained use of planting and the adventurous use of materials and textures. But as anyone who follows me on Instagram and Facebook knows, I can’t resist colour, pattern and texture, and I love the constant changing of the seasons, new things and a regular freshening up of what’s around me.

There’s no denying that the contemporary garden is here to stay though, and for modernist homes and even homes with a very modern styled interior, they can be a really good choice. It’s the one style of garden that’s pretty much impossible to get right without a trained designer – the secret of this look is that the empty spaces are as much a part of the design as the plants, and the shapes, proportions and flow of the garden, on the ground plane as well as in a three dimensional way, are integral to the success of the finished garden.

Sometimes, for older homes being renovated in a blend of old and new styles, I like to bring contemporary touches to a more traditional style garden – it’s about making the garden fit well with the owners’ needs, as well as the inside and outside of the home itself. This can be done with planting – there are so many amazing effects you can create with different shapes, forms and colours – as well as choice of paving, introduction of features such as a carefully chosen water feature or sculpture, and the thoughtful use of colour on walls and vertical surfaces.

As well as architectural plants, you can completely change up the feel of a space with boldly designed, statement outdoor furniture – one of the most important things in my book, because whatever style of garden you go for, spending time outside and enjoying it is the most important thing of all.

Anne Byrne Garden Design provides easy to follow Garden Plans that you can implement right away

or in stages. Anne’s design flair and passion for plants brings a touch of magic to gardens of all sizes.

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