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A tiny house just perfect for a garden fairy

A tiny house just perfect for a garden fairy

Last week’s Gardenwise – Doing it For the Kids – seemed to spark a great deal of interest, with lots of people looking for ideas for child-friendly gardens, so this week I thought I’d share a few of those ideas with you. What you can fit in your garden obviously depends on your own particular space, and all the other demands upon it, but here are five of the best to think about:

Make sure there’s somewhere comfortable to sit with a book – sometimes just sitting outside surrounded by nature is all you need to unwind and calm down from the stresses of daily life, which seem to start at a younger age than they used to! When planning family gardens, I always try and include a small seating area – it could be as simple as a secluded bench – separate to the main patio, where moody teens can get away from it all.

Young children are fascinated by creatures of all kinds so making the garden wildlife friendly is a good way to get them interested – bug hotels can be bought or made fairly easily, and a bug hunt – without harming any critters, naturally – encourages awareness of biodiversity and understanding of the balance in the natural world.

Fairy gardens are really popular with little girls and can be a great way to encourage imaginative play in the garden – you can buy lovely fairy doors to attach to tree trunks, or get creative with bits and pieces if they’re into making things themselves.

Willow structures – one for larger spaces, but with lots of scope, living willow can be fashioned into tunnels, igloos or wigwams and incorporated into a wilder part of the garden for outdoor adventures.

Stepping stones – most kids love these, and you can incorporate them in so many ways – across lawns, through flower beds or even in the centre of a gravel path with a brick edging. You can use them for all kinds of games and competitions and they’re a good way to use up left over paving slabs – or they can be included in your garden design as a feature in their own right.

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