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Agapanthus ‘Navy Blue’ are very happy in pots

Agapanthus ‘Navy Blue’ are very happy in pots

They are the first introduction for many of us, a sort of gateway drug that lures you in and hooks you, so you keep wanting more of them, then different ones, then something else altogether.

I’ll bet you’ve never thought of a simple terracotta pot in quite that way before!

Yet for homeowners and renters alike, the humble garden container is often the first introduction to the big wide gardening world. Even if you don’t have a plot of your own, you might fancy a pair of matching pots either side of the front door with some seasonal colour. Or maybe a pair of clipped box balls or standard trees, if you’re the stylish type. For balconies and roof gardens, the container is the only way to green up the space, and connect with the natural world outside with foliage, flowers and perhaps edibles. In fact, some edible plants are best grown in pots altogether, unless you’re lucky enough to have a spacious kitchen garden. Keeping herb plants and salad leaves in pots close to the kitchen door or barbecue means you never have far to go to pick something tasty and fresh.

Seasonal planting is the first choice if you’re after a blast of summer colour, or some cheerful spring bulbs to brighten chilly days. But pots are so versatile it would be a shame not to consider using them in other ways too. Perennials can do very well in pots, like the blue agapanthus shown in the picture, and can be moved out of sight when flowering is over. Perfumed and aromatic plants – chocolate cosmos, lavender and scented leaf pelargoniums – work wonderfully in pots beside a garden seat, where they can be enjoyed close up. If you haven’t time to water, succulents (seen here growing in a re-purposed kettle ) will thrive with good drainage.

So if you’re new to gardening and considering a pot or two, you never know where the journey might lead you!

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