Tips for selling your car online

Go online and find the value of your car

- Research estimated prices and get the price right

- Good websites to use are,,, and - The cars for sale section is a great platform to sell your car in Galway.

Things to include in advert

- Compelling description including price

- Type of vehicle

- Year

- Mileage

- Colour

- Tax and NCT

- Features

- Photographs of the interior, exterior, the wheels, and the engine.

Sell in spring or summer

- Winter time keeps customers at home

- Budgets get turned into gift buying over the holiday season

- People sell and buy cars on demand.

Preparing your vehicle

- Exterior: washed, polished, touched up paint, clean its wheels

- Interior: hoover thoroughly, polish and clean down with damp cloth, air the interior

- Mechanical: include NCT certificate, a full-service history, and up-to-date motor tax.

Be responsive and communicate with the potential buyer

- Set up viewings

- Let them test drive your car

- Have the paperwork ready.

So there are a few tips for selling you car. Good luck.


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