Advice on tyre maintenance from Kevin Burke Tyres

Kevin Burke Tyres receives many queries from customers on tyre maintenance and the regulations that apply.

According to Kevin Burke Tyres, vehicle owners should be aware of regulations, and take advice for maintaining tyres.

"Firstly, it is not acceptable to drive using tyres that are defective or worn. This can result in an €80 fine and up to four penalty points if convicted. Tyres in this condition should be replaced immediately to avoid these penalties.

"A concern for many customers is whether all four tyres must be identical. This is in fact not the case. Owners are not required to use the same brand across all four tyres, however you must have the same type of tyre/wheel on each axle, otherwise they will fail the road worthiness test."

Another concern may be the age of the tyres. If tyres are more than six years old, this is acceptable, but only if the tread depth meets the legal standard of 1.6mm. They should also be checked for defects, however.

"Here at KBT, we would advise only using tyres that have a minimum of 3mm tread depth. Please note, new tyres usually have 8mm. Tyres that are over six years old, will receive a warning titled ‘pass advisory’ upon passing the roadworthiness test."

A simple way to check tread depth is to place a €1 coin in between the grooves in the centre of the wheel. If the gold part of the coin is visible, this means tread depth is approaching 1.6mm and should be changed.

"This method should be used as a guideline. We would recommend having a professional verify your tyres are acceptable.

"In the case of a punctured tyre, it is legal to use a plug, if it is applied to the treaded area of the wheel. It is important to note, the plug may not be applied to the wheel's sidewall. A plug is a temporary solution only. A new replacement tyre is required."

For any questions about maintaining tyres or any other tyre issues, call the KBT team at 091 845329, visit any one of three locations, Galway city, Athenry and Gort.


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