Ford going big on electrification

Ford Kuga charges up.

Ford Kuga charges up.

Ford today unveiled an extensive range of new vehicles that are designed to help make cities and urban areas cleaner and quieter by increasingly using more environmentally friendly electric power.

The comprehensive line-up, under a new Ford Hybrid banner, will cover everything from small family cars to SUVs and people-movers, with a Mustang-inspired performance SUV, and fully electric Transit van also on the way. *

In a move that marks a new milestone for the company, Ford says it is committed to delivering a fresh range of fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive vehicles tailored to meet the diverse needs of its European customers – whether tackling the school run, delivering parcels, or looking for performance.

“Ford Hybrid vehicles will make electrification relevant and attainable for more drivers than ever before. From Fiesta to Transit, every new vehicle we introduce will feature an electrified version that best suits the needs of our customers in an affordable way,” said Ford of Europe president Stuart Rowley. “Along with advances in technology and connectivity, the models introduced today are just the start of our plans to develop a comprehensive line-up of smart vehicles for a smart world.”

Earlier this year, Ford committed all the company’s future nameplates to include an electrified option. Today, it explained what that future will look like.

The new Kuga mid-size SUV will offer the widest range of hybrid options the company has made available and will deliver a pure-electric driving range in excess of 50km (31 miles ) with the Kuga plug-in hybrid mode.

The same range is being targeted by the new Tourneo Custom plug-in hybrid eight-seat people-mover. The line-up of hybrid SUVs will be complemented by the new seven-seat Explorer plug-in hybrid.

Ford also revealed new electrified passenger vehicles – the Fiesta EcoBoost hybrid and Focus EcoBoost hybrid models – that feature sophisticated mild-hybrid technology for reduced CO2 emissions, better fuel efficiency, and a more responsive and rewarding driving experience.

For commercial vehicle customers, Ford also announced a new electric Transit will join its line-up of electrified commercial vehicles in 2021. Designed to deliver pure-electric power, Ford says the new van will both contribute to cleaner, quieter towns and cities, and reduce costs for business and operators. Ford’s Mustang-inspired all-electric performance SUV will arrive in 2020, with a claimed pure-electric driving range of 600km (370 miles ).*

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to electrification. Every customer’s circumstances are different,” says Joerg Beyer, executive director, Engineering, Ford of Europe. “Ford's nuanced powertrain strategy is designed to help our customers find the right solution to make their electrified vehicle experience easier and more enjoyable.”

Ford also is exploring solutions to further optimise the energy efficiency and driving range of its electrified vehicles by testing a one-of-a-kind Ford Transit Smart Energy Concept 10-seater minibus. Delivering a 150km (93 mile ) range from a four-hour charge, the concept uses a Ford Transit chassis fitted with battery-electric technology.

To date, Ford hybrid models available on the market include its popular Mondeo model, Tourneo Custom people-mover, and Transit and Transit Custom vans. Future all-electric vehicles will be supported by the IONITY consortium that aims to build 400 stations in key European locations by 2020.


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