Summer driving advice

This is the time of year when families pack up the cars and head off on summer holidays.

High temperatures and the busy roads of summer can put extra demands on cars and drivers, so here are a few tips to reduce the risk of breakdowns and keeps stress levels to a minimum.

Check all you fluid levels.

Check your tyre condition and pressures.

Increase tyre pressure if carrying extra passengers or heavy luggage (check the handbook ).

Check caravan and camper van tyres and if perished or cracked replace.

Ensure that A/C is working correctly by checking coolant levels and hoses.

If carrying luggage on the roof, use a roof box to reduce drag.

Sun glare causes many accidents, keep a clean and unscratched pair of glasses in your vehicle.

Clean windscreen inside and out to remove smears which will catch sunlight and impair vision.

Renew worn or damaged wiper blades – always be prepared for the rain.

Stock the car with an emergency kit—especially a flashlight, blanket, first-aid kit, and some basic tools. Also, bring water and extra snacks, just in case.

Ensure to stop for breaks when travelling long distance. Frequent short stops are better than one long stop.

Finally Be Safe, make sure you are driving safely and follow the rules of the road.


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