Java software developer course at the GRETB Training Centre

Build your career as a computer programmer with the Java Software Develop Course starting shortly at the GRETB Training Centre in Mervue Business Park, Mervue, Galway.

What is a computer programmer?

A computer programmer is someone who can write lists of instructions that can be understood by devices and other software so they can carry out tasks.

Why Java?

Java is the most widely used computer programming language. Anywhere you have any technology in modern day life, you will have Java. For example, most Android apps are written in Java, as is the majority of software for all smart and non-connected technologies; virtually any device you can think of has software written in Java.

As well as front facing software (which is what we all see when we use online services, apps, etc ) Java is also number one programming language for services that run in the background (machine learning, database connectivity, etc ).

The aim of this 29-week, full time course is to provide trainees with the skills and related knowledge in Java based software development and to develop trainee personal effectiveness and job seeking skills to enable trainees to obtain employment and advance their career. This course is free and includes course materials and exam costs.

Various modules are completed during the course, these include:

Java basics.

Working with Java datatypes.

Using operators and decision constructs.

Working and inheritance.

Working with selected classes from the Java API.

Creating and using arrays.

Using loop constructs.

Working with methods and encapsulation.

Handling exceptions.

These and the other subjects provide learners with an extensive level of expertise enabling them to forge a career in the Java development sector with the possibility of progression into further roles.

To apply or for more information about this course, visit or

You can also contact your nearest DEASP/Intreo office, or call GRETB Training Centre on 091 706200.


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