Japanese poetry in Charlie Byrne’s

Bookshop to host 10th annual Irish-Japanese poetry night

THE 10TH annual Irish-Japanese poetry night in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop takes place on Friday March 1 at 6.30pm, with readings from Tanka poet, Hisa Kagawa, and Irish poet Mary O’Malley.

Tanka is a particular form of Japanese poetry which follows specific rules somewhat like the more famous Haiku and Hisa is one of its most renowned practitioners. Mary O’Malley’s most recent book was the acclaimed collection, Playing The Octopus, published by Carcanet Press.

The MC will be the Rev Patrick Towers. Food will be provided by the Wa Café. This annual event was first suggested by the Wa Café's Yoshimi Hayakawa. All are welcome.



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