Album review: Porkstore

Porkstore - Imposter Syndrome (independent)

PORKSTORE IS Barry Richardson - Galwegian, all around top bloke, and inspiration behind one of the greatest songs So Cow (aka Brian Kelly ) has ever written. And Barry is not just the subject of a song, but a songwriter himself.

With a brevity the Ramones would envy, Imposter Syndrome gets through 10 songs in 20 minutes, but in that short span, crosses a number of genres while remaining grounded in a core, unifying, sound - raw, lo-fi (there is a pleasing metallic twang to the acoustic guitars that is often lost amid polished productions ), with buzzes, feedback, and echo creating atmosphere, and heightening the sense of intimacy which infuses these songs.

Opener 'Chin Up' sets out the stall, sounding at first like a long lost Kurt Cobain demo, before erupting into take no prisoners, heavy guitar riffing. The brief 'Calling It Quits' is an effective piece of indie infused hardcore, while 'Let's Not Be Friends' is an unexpected country ballad.

There are elements of Smashing Pumpkins, 1977 era Ash, and Meat Puppets throughout, as Barry wrestles with issues of God ('Duck' ), responsibility (the superb 'Bill West Blues' ), relationships, and the future. A surprise, and a delight, this is well worth hearing.



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