Metal militia - Dark Arts Festival 2016



BLACK METAL, death metal, noise drone, and grindcore, and some of the finest Irish practitioners of these musical dark arts will gather in Galway to play at this weekend's Dark Arts Festival 2016.

Headlining are Malthusian, currently the biggest name in Irish death metal. There music pushes the genre to the extreme, with songs explore environmental themes of humans having reversed their growth as they exceed agricultural output requirements.

Coscradh released their first black/death/doom metal demo this year on the Invictus label to positive reviews. They are working on a split LP with Florida’s Caveman Cult. Northern Ireland's Owlcrusher have won notice for their hypnotic, chaotic, and frightening doom/black metal.

Also playing are grindcore band Unyielding Love, who have won acclaim for their crazed live acts featuring drills and saws; Limerick’s Zealot Cult released one of the best Irish death metal albums, Karmenian Crypt, this year. They recently signed to Blood Harvest; Dublin’s Vircolac, another prominent black/death metal act, currently working on their debut album; long running Irish noise act, Luxury Mollusc, from Dublin; and the witchy +Dult+, a dark drone/noise act from Limerick.

The event is a 'Hexen Haus in association with Invictus Productions presents...' event. It takes place at Sally Longs from 4.30pm this Saturday. Admission is free.


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