Wage war on frizz

Frizzy hair can be a nuisance. You wash, dry and style your locks but as soon as you brave the elements - boom, uncontrollable, static frizz.

Frizz just does not love the hot, humid summer - the onset of winter too brings a host of frizz inducing conditions such as wind, mist, rain, drizzle and dampness. These can all cause excess moisture to lurk in the air which can strike at any time and unravel your grooming efforts, quickly turning sleek tresses into a frizzy nightmare.

Aussie Haircare’s new Frizz Miracle Range, which comprises Frizz Miracle Shampoo (€4.69 ), Frizz Miracle Conditioner (€5.99 ), and Aussie Three Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy (€1.34 for a sachet and €6.99 for 200ml ) claims to help combat frizz. The makers say the range is deeply nourishing and helps the hair hold onto its good moisture. It also provides a gentle barrier coating each strand with an invisible force field to keep bad weather moisture at bay.


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