How to beat a clothes crisis

Does every morning feels like a mini meltdown? You open your wardrobe and you cannot find anything to wear. You end up wearing the same and never wear the clothes that you have paid good money for.

Spring is the perfect time to rescue your wardrobe by decluttering and organising it. As a result you will be able to have more wear out of your favourite pieces. A decluttered wardrobe saves money, energy, and time. You will feel good, look great, plan a little, and live a lot. So check out these secrets for a clutter wardrobe.

Have a wardrobe edit

Dedicate a day to trying on your clothes and putting outfits together. Have a big mirror nearby and your phone switched off. Your clothes must be gathered into one room and prepare a bag for the clothes that will not go back into the wardrobe. Try your clothes one by one and decide if they are the right colour, the right style, and the right size. Check if each garment is in good condition. If it is not, and you cannot revamp it, then you need to let it go. Give away anything that does not suit you or get it adjusted.

Clutter-busting solutions

Once you have tried all items you can start to organise the wardrobe. The storage and organisation of the wardrobe will vary depending on its size, space, and layout.

Keep everyday clothes at the front of your wardrobe were you can see them. Give your clothes more breathing space. Put winter clothes into hibernation. Hang as many clothes as you can — it is faster and makes clothes easier find.

Try to create outfits, ie, tops next to skirts, camisoles next to cardigans. You could also hang trousers together, jumpers together, etc.

• Use dividers to create sections in drawers — this is excellent for tidying up knickers, bras, tights, and socks.

• Gather all you jewellery into one jewellery box

• Make use of inside door space with these hooks.

• Shoes boxes: Place the picture of your shoes on individual shoe boxes.

• Use transparent storage boxes to store garments under your bed

Caring for your clothes will make them last longer. Make sure to have the correct hanger (no dry cleaner hangers please ), and to have clothes ironed and make sure they are clean before putting them back into the wardrobe. Place a lavender bag inside the wardrobe to freshen it up.

Once your wardrobe is decluttered and organised it will be easier for you to know what you need to buy this spring/summer to complement your wardrobe.

For more information on this subject, or if you would like to book a wardrobe makeover or a shopping buddy, contact Delila on (087 ) 63 91 956.


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