Banish thread veins with Laserderm

Are you constantly checking your make-up? Do you need to cover your red facial veins daily? Do you always look flushed and red?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then help is at hand. The Laserderm Clinic now offers facial thread vein removal with the Ellipse light system. Clinically tested and safe, the Ellipse provides the answer to this age old problem.

So how does it work? By carefully filtering the light from the Ellipse system, the haemoglobin found in the blood vessel is targeted. This light is converted to heat, and this heat destroys the wall of the thread vein. As a result the vein will gradually and safely disappear. Results are normally achieved in one to four treatments, and treatments are carried out one month apart.

The Laserderm Clinic offers free followup treatments with a certified aesthetician to ensure excellent results.

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For your free consultation contact the Laserderm Clinic at (091 ) 739344. Laserderm is a unisex clinic and is conveniently open until 9pm.


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