Overweight? Don’t just accept it, lose it

Daniel was just 15 when he embarked on his life-changing journey. It was not going to be an easy one as he had tried and failed several times. However, at almost 29st, he needed to try once more. He was not able to enjoy life the way a teenager should.

While Daniel lost 13 stone, he gained a lot more than he expected. His mother was the first to notice: “If you spoke to him some months back, he couldn’t look at you, he was so shy. Now, he is a completely different person. His social skills have increased enormously, he’s genuinely happy in himself, and he even did fantastically with the Junior Cert.”

For Linda, formerly a type 2 diabetic, it was just two stone that changed her life and future health. “It was fantastic to come off the diabetic medication due to the side effects I experienced when taking it. I have a lot more energy and I am so much happier now as I do not feel sluggish anymore. When I look back, I think it is the best thing I’ve done, coming to Dr Eva. None of the healthcare professionals I saw ever gave me any dietary advice, nor suggest I lose some weight. The focus was entirely on medication."

“I see and hear it every day from my patients who found the 'just do it’ attitude, to pick up the phone and make that life changing decision," said Dr Eva Orsmond. "Just making the decision to do something is the most difficult one. Excess weight affects every aspect of your life — from how you feel to what you do, and also how others see you. Accepting that things are not right is usually easy enough, but acknowledging that the only person who can change them is you, might not be that simple. But this is the reality and luckily there is help at hand to make you achieve this change. We are here to help.”

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