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In recent years men’s attitudes towards healthy living has been changing for the better as the link between expanding waistlines and health difficulties such as diabetes, heart complications, and other problems become more apparent.

Traditionally men have often been quite shy about seeking advice on health issues, not knowing where to turn to for the help and motivation they need, and difficulties in finding the appropriate practical advice on healthy eating can lead to many giving up before they have even begun. Receiving the appropriate advice, monitoring, and motivation is particularly vital for men, especially if they have the added complications of obesity and health problems, and this is where The Orsmond Clinic in Oranmore has succeeded, working with clients to change their lives, step by step, for the better.

Probably best known for her role in RTÉ’s Operation Transformation, Dr Eva Orsmond is a diet and nutrition expert who is crusading to re-educate people on health and fitness. The Orsmond Clinic is a private specialist service run by Dr Orsmond which has offered medically supervised, professional approach to weight loss programmes and is one of the few clinics to offer programmes for patients with diabetes.

“Obesity is still too often not treated as a disease in medical practice, but rather its symptoms - high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes. In reality, numerous medical conditions can be treated through diet and lifestyle changes of which weight reduction and a balanced healthy diet form a fundamental part,” said Dr Orsmond, who maintains that with the right support, education, and motivation, anyone can achieve weight loss and live a healthier life. Dr Orsmond, who has been providing weight loss services for the past nine years, remains Ireland’s sole private medical practitioner exclusively treating overweight and obesity in adults and children.

“Our programmes combine modern scientifically based weight loss techniques and all consultations are private one-to-one appointments. Prior to commencing with a full programme, all patients have an initial assessment to determine reasons for their condition and to establish the best approach to their treatment,” said Dr Orsmond.

Meeting with Dr Orsmond recently were Galway based clients Gabriel Mannion, Gerry Farrell, and Declan Donnellan who are all reaping the benefits of taking part in weight loss programmes with The Orsmond Clinic in Oranmore.

Since starting the programme on July 18 last Gabriel Mannion has lost 62lb in just 65 days. Of his experience the 54-year-old, from Dangan, Tuam, said: “When you talk of dieting you think of being hungry. I don’t think I was ever hungry. It is what you eat, the amount of it, and to eat properly with lots of proper vegetables. I got off the cigarettes years ago and just put on the weight. Dr Eva and the staff are most helpful, they encourage you to keep going. I will keep going with this until Dr Eva says OK.”

Following the removal of a kidney and other health complications 65-year-old Gerry Farrell, from Athenry, was advised by his doctor to lose weight, and since going to Dr Orsmond he has succeeded in losing three and a half stone. “I retired early due to stress at 60, my weight was going up all the time. In 2007 I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer which was caught early, and then in 2009 I was found to have renal cell carcinoma and was treated in hospital for two years. Then in February of this year because of my kidney I was told to lose four stone and not to drink, or smoke. So I was reading the Galway Advertiser when I saw an ad for the Orsmond Clinic and on May 5 I went for a consultation. Because of my medical problems I needed a doctor. I couldn’t speak highly enough of the staff and Dr Eva who looked after me medically. It’s a whole change of mind, a real healthy lifestyle.”

After quitting smoking in 1998 Declan Donnellan (53 ), from Kilconnell, found that his weight increased and then in 2003 he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Since he began his programme with Orsmond Clinic on July 14 this year Mr Donnellan has lost three stone with the added benefit that his diabetes has improved, necessitating less medication. “I needed to lose weight badly. I was 22 and a half stone and the hospital said I needed to go on a diet. With the programme you can eat loads of different things, the right way, and there are regular consultations with Dr Eva. The staff motivate you to keep going. I’m off my medication now since going on the diet, I have type 2 diabetes caused by being overweight, and my asthma has turned around completely. I was in hospital recently for a check up and they couldn’t believe how I improved, the change in me medically. It’s been going well.”

Why not book a consultation with one of The Orsmond Clinics’ fully qualified dieticians or nutritionists, with initial consultation from €45.

For more information call Dublin (01 ) 2827500, email [email protected], or visit the company’s new website www.orsmondclinics.com Orsmond Clinics are located at Baggot Street and Loughlinstown in Dublin, Oranmore in Galway, Newbridge in Kildare, Portlaoise, and Limerick.


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