Infection Prevention - The Natural Way!

Colds - Catarrah - Influenza - Sinus Congestion

This time of year infection prevention is a favourite word among doctors and the general public alike. Everyone is interested in how to protect and defend themselves effectively against bacteria, viruses and fungi. As we are all living in times when certain drugs are losing their effectiveness, natural substances that work effectively and do not burden the body are coming to the fore. The GREPOFIT range, in the form of sprays and nasal wash, fits the bill perfectly.

These natural products contain grapefruit or grapefruit - seed extract and other herbal ingredients with natural anti-infective herbal ingredients with natural-healing effects. The nasal spray will help with prevention of the cold and its symptoms. It helps reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infections. Fantastic for people working in air-conditioned premises. The Grepofit oral spray will help with flu, tonsillitis, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. My advice, coming into the cold season is to stick to an alkaline diet, stay away from mucus forming foods, for example, cows milk, cheese and chocolate.

Use the Grepofit Herbal oral spray and Nasal wash with some organic Vitamin C. Some excellent sources are oranges and fresh orange juice, rose hips and cayenne. For children use according to age.

Hope you all had a great Summer - Patrick Murphy Herbalist.



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