Dead Horse Jive - Back To College Tour

Galway band to be joined by Dublin's Weather Underground, and Cork's Red Sun Alert

DEAD HORSE Jive are sharp dressed men, possessed of "insatiable energy and musical talent" according to Lazer Guided Reporter, who have "seriously original songs and stories," says the Independent Music Review.

Dead Horse Jive, along with Dublin's Weather Underground, and Cork's Red Sun Alert, are coming to the Róisín Dubh on Wednesday September 12 at 8pm, as part of the three band's Back To College Tour.

Dead Horse Jive - Blind Mick Joyce, Darragh O’Brien, John Martin Tierney, Shaughs, and Ricky Martin ‘The Blaggard’ Collins - formed in 2016 and the following year played Electric Picnic. In June this year they released the EP, Should’ve Stayed In, which is available on Spotify, iTunes, and other online outlets. Their songs detail the everyday goings-on of being "the least refined rock band in town".

Weather Underground are an indie/alternative, garage and surf influenced, quartet, whose Chronic Lateness EP is forthcoming. The prog-rock, math-rock, and doom metal inspired Red Sun Alert have just released their debut EP.

Admission is €5. In the meantime fans looking for a preview of the gig can check out the 'Back to College Tour Playlist' on Spotify at


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