Life Buoy - an exhibition in Kinvara

'Overexposure' by Kristy Verenga

'Overexposure' by Kristy Verenga

LIFE BUOY, an exhibition by the experimental artist Kristy Verenga, featuring works in oil and encaustic, as well as sculpture, photomontage, and photographs, is about to open in KAVA.

Verenga's work explores the question 'Who Am I?' with the process of painting itself a 'life buoy', the images being "useful floats or markers for sustaining equilibrium". Life Buoy opens tomorrow at 8pm in The Courthouse, Kinvara. Opening hours are 12 noon to 5pm (closed Mondays, 4 and 11 ). The exhibition is organised by KAVA (Kinvara Area Visual Arts ) and runs until Monday June 18.



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