Learn tai chi in Galway

With the increasing interest in the West in making healthy lifestyle choices, finding ways to destress and regain balance, tai chi is becoming a popular choice due to its physical and mental health benefits. Stress is widely regarded as the underlying cause of many illnesses and tai chi is designed to teach practitioners to relax and reduce or avoid stress.

Improved sleep patterns, elevated mood, confidence, and deeper inner calm through daily practice make tai chi a very popular exercise. Improvements in digestion and bowel function, cardio-respiratory function, immune system and cognitive function, physical and psychosocial improvements in MS patients, reduction of falls among the elderly, and beneficial reports by those with arthritic conditions and osteoporosis have all been documented.

Tai chi is also fun, leaves you feeling energised and uplifted, and the movements express beautifully the theory of the harmony of opposites, Yin and Yang.

Right now is an exciting time in Galway to start tai chi as world renowned master Wang Hai Jun will soon be teaching monthly seminars to graduate students of beginners courses starting this month at the Galway Taiji Academy. A free talk and demo will be held on Wednesday March 18 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm in the Rowing Club, Woodquay. For more information visit www.chentaijiquan.ie or contact academy head coach Niall Ó Floinn on (085 ) 1547157.


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