Eat more fish… and demand Irish seafood

Gannet owner Stephane Griesbach.

Gannet owner Stephane Griesbach.

If you haven't been to the Galway market recently it’s worth taking a trip to see Gannet Fishmongers’ impressive fish and seafood display. Named for the famous fish-guzzling Atlantic seabirds, The Gannet team are experienced professionals whose mission is to get the people of Galway eating — and loving — fish.

Gannet’s produce is mostly sourced in Ireland with the bulk of it coming from the trawlers of the Galway and Aran Fishermen’s Co-op in Ros a Mhíl. As Gannet owner Stephane Griesbach explains: “What's the point of flying in fish from foreign waters when a fresher and better produce is landed only 15 miles away? The quality of Irish sea-foods is renowned and exported all over Europe, let’s enjoy it first.”

The extensive display of seafood is Gannet Fishmongers’ way of encouraging people to get curious and try out different fish. Along with the usual cod and whiting you might find species such as tusk, fork-beard, blue mouth, gurnard, and fluke. These lesser known fish are delicious and great value.

“People perceive farmers’ markets to be expensive, but by taking advantage of seasonal changes, we are able to offer a better priced fish than the bigger retailers, and by encouraging our customers to eat whatever comes in the net we are also helping local fishermen toward more sustainable fishing,” Griesbach adds.

Gannet Fishmongers’ market stall can be found weekly at the following locations: Thursday: Loughrea and Oranmore; Friday: Ballinasloe, Moycullen, and Gort; and Saturdays: Galway and Claregalway.


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