Skin tips from Petals Hair & Beauty, Westport

Staying young and keeping skin radiant is the primary concern of most women. Preventing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, lips and on the neck is possible by following some basic rules.

Firstly, have regular facials, the massage alone strengthens underlying muscles, nourishes and stimulates cell activity and gives radiance. Currently Petals offers for €49 a Luxury Clarins Pro-Active facial with an Aveda shampoo and blow dry.


Cleanse—use anti-oxidants and moisturiser. Clarins currently have on offer their day cream with a free travel night cream to give the skin a boost within the same range.

Apply skin treatments and serums to clean, dry skin morning and evening.

Make sure anti-oxidants penetrate the skin. Colin resultime Radiance cream at €69 is a great day and night cream.

Moisturisers with a sun screen are a must to protect from the sun.

Choose a foundation that is anti ageing such as Smashbox Anti Ageing Halo Powder with an SPF of 15, guaranteed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in 10 minutes.

Use oil such as Nuxe Huile Prodiguse (€18 ) mixed with a body to lotion to ensure lasting action. Great on nails and hair also.

Don’t smoke.

Don’t gain or lose weight repeatedly.

Don’t get too thin.

Don’t run to excess.

Don’t do facial exercises.

Avoid the sun. It causes pigment changes, sunspots and other unsightly eruptions, including broken veins. These can be treated on the face at Petals, by an experienced electrologist.

For more skincare and make up advice please contact Petals, Westport on 098 25570.


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