Real weight loss with metabolism correction

Is your metabolism stopping your weight loss? Do you suffer from any of the following?

• Slow thyroid [can cost you 400 to 600 calories, more than a one hour workout]. Thirty five per cent of people have undiagnosed slow thyroid.

• Constipation [suffered by 40 per cent of adults] makes it virtually impossible to lose weight.

• A sluggish liver due to drinking, smoking, and medicines greatly affects your ability to burn fat.

• Hormone imbalances that occur after a pregnancy can make it very difficult for some women to lose their excess weight.

The System 10 weight loss plan corrects your metabolism weak spots through highly balanced dietician-designed food plans, exercise, and proper nutrition. It is based on precision food and exercise plans chosen specifically for your metabolism and loads of motivation. No other weight loss plan comes near this. This precision means your best and easiest weight loss ever with no hunger, no cravings, and loads of energy. You can eat normal everyday foods, tailor your calorie intake to suit your weight and activity levels, and specifically target stubborn fat one the stomach, hips and thighs.

Six and 10-week plans are available for both men and women.

“I lost over two stone and 10 and a half inches all over on the System 10 plan,” said Anne O’C from Castlebar. “It taught me lifestyle changes and I discovered that four months later the weight did not pile back on, in fact it is the best weight loss programme ever. I would highly recommend System 10.”

For more information or to make an appointment ring Grace on (087 ) 1727882.


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