Mayo people feeling more exhausted than ever before

Sixty-four per cent of Mayo claim they feel more physically or mentally exhausted than ever before, according to the latest Pharmaton Fight Fatigue Report.

Sixty-two per cent of respondents cited increased financial and job security worries as one of the main reasons. When probed deeper 64 per cent of those surveyed claimed to have money worries and believe this is one of the main causes of stress and mental fatigue in their lives. Twenty-nine per cent stated that working longer hours and increased job insecurity is contributing to this.

The 2011 Pharmaton Fight Fatigue Report finds that a significant number of Mayo people, 42 per cent of those surveyed, say that constant access to email, text messages and social media make it hard to relax and unwind.

On a positive note, the 2011 report also revealed that some Mayo people are taking a positive stance on their health, with a large percentage claiming that they participate in some form of exercise on a regular basis,

Speaking at the launch of 2011 Pharmaton Fight Fatigue Report, GP Dr Jas Kalsi said: “With more and more people under increased financial pressure, prioritising health and wellbeing can often be the first thing to go. It is important that people take control of their health and make time for a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is crucial as daily fatigue is a problem that can affect a person’s long term health and wellbeing.”

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