Bio-energy clinics in Mayo

Bio-energy is a powerful healing science that is a natural and highly effective way of treating all conditions, the most common of which being digestive disorders, arthritis, back pain, lack of energy, headaches, stress/anxiety, etc.

The body is composed of energy and should flow freely to be in good health. When the energy becomes blocked, problems can occur on a physical and emotional level.

A plexus therapist is trained to detect these blockages and release the energy for it to flow freely and be balanced. This in turn activates the person’s own natural healing ability.

Maureen and JJ Murphy are plexus therapists for 21 years and have been holding clinics in Castlebar and Ballina for as many years. They will be holding clinics in Castlebar and Ballina this Monday (April 18 ).

Treatment is private and by appointment. For appointment call 087 249 4022 /094 954 0068.


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