Pauline Cawley Beauty Clinic — passionate about skin care

At Pauline Cawley’s the staff are passionate about skin care. If you are serious about skin care then their pioneering new power facials take you to the next level (each one of the Environ facials is equivalent to 70 regular facials. ) Facials available include multi-vitamin power facials, new revolutionary cold peels, and collagen stimulation therapy.

All of these treatments work on repairing skin and stimulating growth factors from within. Skin specialists at Pauline Cawley’s will do a complete consultation taking diet, lifestyle, and how you take care of your skin into consideration. Then they can treat you topically with Environ products and treatments and internally with Patrick Halford skin supplements, from the advanced nutrition programme for the skin.

The Environ Cool Peel is a brand new approach to achieving fantastic results on problem skin, rosacea, roughness and photo-damage. Unlike conventional peels which destroy important skin cells, the new protocol developed by Dr Des Fernandes focuses on light, repetitive treatments. This causes far less damage to the epidermis with minimal redness and no recovery time.

Dr Fernandes believes that this new approach is the best peel to achieve smoother, healthier skin: “By using selected, less aggressive acids that function just at the surface and cause only mild exfoliation the treatment time can be extended. This causes a pH change in the epidermis that stimulates the keratinocytes to release various growth factors that create more youthful looking skin.”

Book your appointment now: Pauline Cawley, Market Square, Castlebar. 094 902 5007.


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