Six weeks Golf Pilates course at Castle Leisure Club

Are you an avid golf player? Do you suffer with back problems, poor core strength, poor flexibility or maybe you want to improve you swing? Then Castle Leisure Club have the answer for you. Golf Pilates is a six week course designed specifically for the golf enthusiast.

Golf Pilates is very popular with well known golfers such as Tiger Woods and David Duval as it helps to increase hip stability, strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and upper mid-back which is vital in the golf game.

Having a strong core allows you to set up the ball correctly and efficiently without pain, when you have the correct address position, you have a better chance to swing correctly.

Pilate’s helps athletes develop core strength, increase flexibility, assists in rehabilitation after injury and creates balance throughout the entire body. It is a form of overall strength and conditioning used in the development of strong core muscles which also focuses on breathing, balance and range of motion.

The emphasis on breathing as one of the principles can aid a golfer to focus on their game, relax through their swing and control precise movements such as those needed in putting.

Join Golf Pilates starting next month at Castle Leisure Club to improve your game. For more information contact 094 902 6749. Castle Leisure Club, Moneen, Mayo Leisure Point, Castlebar.


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