Fit solar panels — Harness the free energy of the sun

When the world was made and the Sun was switched on. It has never switched off, and will continue providing energy until the end of time. With the advent of the solar panel we can now accept this free energy and use it as electricity in our homes and businesses. Comet Renewable Energy will do this for you.

The cost of fitting a Solar PV (photovoltaic ) panel system on your home or business premises has greatly reduced in recent years due to advances in solar technology. This cost will be recovered in less than eight years by a direct reduction in your electricity bill. After this the electricity generated by your system, which has a guaranteed 25 year life span, is free. There may also be a government subvention if BER insulation targets are complied with. All of this amounts to an unbeatable investment in your home or business, and you are generating and using renewable energy.

The Sun’s energy can be harnessed in sunshine, cloud or rain, meaning not only can solar PV provide energy that will slash your electricity bills, the system can provide hot water and energy for operating heat pumps. Excess energy can be stored in the latest technology of lithium-ion battery storage for energy requirements at night time.

Retro-fitting your central heating system using a combination of air to water heat pumps and solar PV is also possible. Complete off grid systems are available for mobile or remote sites. Electric car charge points can be fitted to complete the electrical energy requirement of car owners.

Comet Renewable Energy is at the forefront of this Solar PV energy revolution. They will be pleased to provide you with a bespoke system for your home or business. Our team provide a free, no obligation site survey, provisional design and proposal.

For more information, free advice or a quotation contact Comet Renewable Energy at 091-398170 or 087-7452900. e-mail [email protected]. See for further details.

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