Getting back to health and fitness with Plexus Bio Energy

Are you looking forward to spring and feeling more energetic? Most people feel tired and sluggish after the winter; it is time to get your mental, physical, and emotional energies balanced with Plexus Bio Energy.

Plexus bio energy will help people to let go of the old and refresh their health again, by clearing and bal­ancing the energies.

“It is so important to keep the mind balanced, as mental health is a big prob­lem in our society and very much a hidden issue, we need to reach out and help people, not ignore it, as it’s an awkward subject,” say Tina Forkan and Michael O’Gara from Plexus Bio Energy.

Plexus Bio Energy deals with these problems every day. Balancing the brain hemispheres and reassuring a person can make such a difference. One of the biggest reasons why peo­ple with mental health is­sues do not express how they feel is because they feel they will be judged. At Plexus Bio Energy there is no judgment — therapists work to release the blockages on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Every year, Plexus Bio Energy sees lots of young people attending the clinic due to exam pressure. Young people can get stressed, tired and fatigued, expe­riencing adrenal burnout, and dizziness. Plexus Bio Energy will restore adrenal en­ergy and de-stress the mind.

Plexus Bio Energy in­volves the rebalancing and locating of energy block­ages around the body. This energy is like electrical currents going through the body — in other words, the electricity of the body.

As therapists, Tina Forkan and Michael O’Gara are able to feel those energies and can lo­cate and diagnose blockages in the body which can cause physical, mental, and emo­tional problems.

Over a four day treat­ment they work on rebalanc­ing these blockages, as they do this people feel sensa­tions like tingling, coolness and heat, and a drawing back sensation.

Plexus Bio Energy works with all types of ill­ness and for people of all ages — it can be useful for asthma, arthritis, depression, sport injuries, colic, blood pressure, back and stomach problems, etc.

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