Discover systematic kinesiology

As a natural health practitioner of systematic kinesiology my goal is to educate and empower clients.

By uncovering what is blocking clients' natural natural health, I help them return to boundless energy, a peaceful night’s sleep, and become pain free. Systematic kinesiology is a client-driven therapy, and through the art of muscle testing the practitioner can ascertain where imbalances are in the body and balance accordingly. Since no one knows your body better than you do, muscle testing enables me to tap into the body’s wisdom.

The body is constantly expressing externally what is going on internally. Through systematic kinesiology we can tune into the body’s natural ability to heal itself, using a wide variety of therapeutic options to encourage healing. When I am working with a new client, or teaching a class full of new students, it is common for them to be amazed and excited about the potential of what they are learning. When clients becomes pain free, it has an amazing ripple effect on their family, work colleagues, and friends. No one likes to see a family or friend suffer and that is why I love what I do. The results clients have experienced have been truly life changing.

At KinesiologyZone, we believe everyone should have access to a fully integrated natural healthcare solution, and offer health talks, workshops, and courses in many locations throughout the country

A balanced health course will take place in Galway commencing Saturday March 24. The course is part-time and lasts for three months. Participants will learn the whole person approach to health; treat the underlying causes, not just health symptoms; and feel empowered about their own health.

Start a journey of discovery which could lead to an exciting and rewarding new career.

Book online at, call 086 856 0058, or email [email protected].


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