Omnilux Anti-Ageing as seen on Xpose

Dr. Bhatti’s Aesthetic Laser and Cosmetic Clinic is this week re-launching the Omnilux anti-ageing light therapy treatment. The treatment, recommended on TV3’s Xpose, can improve skin texture, tone and pigmentation, smooth fine lines and wrinkles while creating a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Not bad for a 20 minute treatment!

The treatment itself is comparable to the feeling of sunbathing, without the harmful UV and infra-red rays. The Omnilux Revive photo-rejuvenating facial utilises a highly sophisticated lamp to beam pure red light onto the face, neck and chest. It is a mild innovative light therapy treatment that is neither a laser nor an IPL treatment and is suitable for both men and women. In simple terms, Omnilux Revive is a deeper treatment for the area of the skin that a therapist' hands can't reach, working to plump up skin naturally - similar to how photosynthesis works in plants. Used in conjunction with salon facials the treatment can achieve the maximum results of refreshed healthier looking skin.

A course of approximately 9 treatments is highly recommended to maximise investment, and ongoing maintenance on a four to six week basis will prolong the results.

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