Bright eyed children at Optique Opticians

Your children's eyesight is precious. Visual problems can affect their abilities in schoolwork, sport, and social development.

Optometrists recommend that children should have their eyes examined from age two, or before if there are signs of vision problems and/or family history of such. The key to managing problems is early detection. High quality eyecare and proper advice enables children with vision problems to reach their highest visual potential.

The following are signs to watch out for:

The eye turning in or out.

Holding objects very close to the face.

Frequent headaches.

Difficulty seeing the board at school/TV.

Excessive rubbing or blinking.

Concentration and retention difficulties and reduced attention span.

It is extremely important for vision development that frames should fit well, so that your child is looking through the centre of the lens and not over the top of the frame. Choose impact resistant lenses for safety and protection. Lenses can be thinned down to keep them light and attractive looking as children need to feel comfortable and confident with their glasses. Lenses with reflection-free surfaces provide clearer, more comfortable, vision, especially when using devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and interactive technology at school.

Protect your children's eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun as their developing eyes are much more vulnerable. High index (thinner lenses ) provide 100 per cent UV protection and most are impact resistant. Optique Opticians stocks high quality children’s sunglasses at affordable prices.

Optique Opticians accepts children’s HSE optical forms and provides one pair of fashionable glasses (including standard single vision lenses ) free of charge from a selected range. Optique Opticians' spacious, stylish, and state of the art premises is located beside Dunnes at Level One, 18 Briarhill Shopping Centre, Ballybrit, Galway. With ease of access (wheelchair accessible ) and free parking a trip to this opticians is a must.



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