Top tips for getting married abroad

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Getting married is special. But having your wedding abroad seems to add that little bit of magic to the marital bliss.

Here at the we give you the top tips to a wonderful wedding abroad.

1 Weather

When preparing for a wedding, weather may not be at the forefront of many couple's minds because it is a variable that we cannot control. However, if you are planning to get married abroad, especially outside of Europe, it is important to check that it is not monsoon season in your preferred destination. Lots of rain will put a real dampener on proceedings.

2 Check the law

You will have to check the law of the land before you decide on your marriage location. Each country has different laws when it comes to getting married. Certain places will ask for documents that prove you are single and that there are no objections to the union. Some locations will require you to have been a resident for a number of months if you wish to tie the knot there. Always check the fine print before you finalise the wedding destination.

3 Food

The meal is arguably the most important aspect of the wedding for guests. Admiring the bride's dress and celebrating the couple's union can make for one hungry person so if you have your wedding abroad, it is advisable to check the local cuisine will suit your guests' palates. Remember a country may serve different dishes in different regions. For example in Italy; if you are looking for fish try coastal towns. If meat is your treat, try cities and mountain towns. Also selecting what type of dishes you want served at your wedding may aid you in your final destination.

4 Easy access

If the wedding location is not easily accessible, then it is probable many of your friends and family will be put off by the journey. Who wants to be travelling for hours and perhaps needing connecting flights to get to a wedding's destination? Top tip - make the location easy to get to.

So there you have it. Top tips for having a wedding abroad. Bon voyage.

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