Balneol — a tonic for healthy joints

You have always been active and you always have wanted to be, yet time is beginning to tell. Your joints and muscles are even more important as you become older, so when you recognise that all is not quite as it should be, you need to act.

Mary Kelly is not only a fitness fanatic but also a keen walker, so when she started to notice aches and pains and her movement slowing down she was determined to find a solution.

She began to search for something natural to offer her joints support without going down the medical route, and came up with Balneol.

Mary, from Athlone, considers herself pretty fit and active, yet age does eventually creep up and, "you notice these pains and little niggles on a frequent basis."

She has enjoyed walking for 25 years and also enjoys her spare time in the garden.

"Those niggles can have a severe effect on your quality of life and I was determined that was not going to happen to me," she said.

Mary's search led her to Balneol, which is distributed by the Tuam based herbalist, Patrick Murphy.

There are numerous studies that demonstrate its benefits and the simple fact that it is easy to use.

What convinced Mary to try Balneol bath therapy was the fact it contains only natural minerals and humate substances from peat bogs millions of years old.

This treatment has been widely used in Czech medicine and in fact it was known to Mary that doctors, herbalists, and nutritionists show great confidence in Balneol for improving your health.

Mary has been using Balneol for six months and it is proving to be a winner. Mary is back walking, taking part in Pilates, and much more.

"When you discover something this good you need to share the benefits, I love this product and have told all my friends about it. This fits my mantra of being fit for life."

If you would like to find out more on Balneol, contact Patrick Murphy on 093 27033, email [email protected], or visit


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