Rebalance your hormones and lose two stone in ten weeks

Have you ever wondered why we are so sick, tired, unmotivated, and fat? Well, there is a range of big hormone imbalances that are very common that severely limit energy, immunity, mental health, weight loss, and accelerate ageing. It is vital that you pay attention to these, so that you avoid becoming a real health mess in a few years' time, and to get real value out of your life. Here are three of the most common and limiting hormone imbalances that you could have, even if you were told your blood test was normal.

Slowing thyroid: Your thyroid is the backbone of your metabolism and energy. It is very easy to pass a blood test but still have a poorly functioning thyroid. Ageing naturally decreases your thyroid function, but so does stress, illness, and lifestyle habits. A slowing thyroid massively impacts your weight, energy, digestion, and mental health. It is very often a factor in high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, sluggish bowel function, and fertility problems, to name a few.

Adrenal burnout: These glands (your stress glands, located above your kidneys ) are often severely worn out in the body. Women especially suffer from adrenal burnout. Burnt out adrenals slow your thyroid, impact blood sugar control, and hurry women into an early menopause. Energy, appetite control, mental clarity, and sleeping well are very difficult. Severely burnt out adrenals can cause addiction-like cravings for sugar, bread, or other stimulants.

Oestrogen dominance: This is a crippling and dangerous position for women and men. This is where there is an incorrect ratio of oestrogen to progesterone in the body. For women this causes very difficult weight loss, low energy, worsening PMS, migraines, hot flushes, poor appetite control, bloating, and stubborn fat and cellulite on the hips and thighs. Oestrogen dominance can occur at any time and ironically especially during pre-menopause and can leave you much more open to breast and cervical cancer. In men it slows weight loss and contributes to man boobs (stubborn chest fat ) and causes dangerous prostate problems.

System 10 identifies your key hormone imbalances and works on improving them through highly balanced food, nutrition, and exercise. This will not only dramatically improve your energy and sleep but transforms energy, sleep, and health and makes weight loss vastly easier and more effective.

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