Top tips to get you going to the gym

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It is accepted by everyone that the waistline will expand and the scales will show a higher number during the festive season but now that we are in February it is time to put down the chocolate bar and pick up the weights to get your pre-Christmas body back.

It is time to get fit and here at the we provide tips on how to battle the bulge and tone that tóin.

1 Make goals

Going to the gym can be a grind so having a goal to work for can be the boost to get you out of bed in the morning or help you go to the gym after work. Remember small goals to start as you do not want to dishearten yourself at the beginning of your fitness crusade by failing to reach your targets.

2 Ease yourself into your gym plan

It is likely that you have a full time job so training like a sports pro is just not going to work. A big mistake made by many people is trying to do everything at once. Set one or two goals for the first couple of weeks and gradually build from there. Overwhelming yourself with too much only leads to demotivation.

3 Keep it simple

Avoid having a complicated workout plan. Squats, pull ups, and push ups, plus a good cardio programme that you like will allow you to see results and enjoy going to the gym three or fours times a week.

4 Stop making excuses

The only person who can get you fit is yourself. Fight the temptation to go for that pizza or takeaway. Do not use the weather, your social life, or your laziness, as an excuse to miss out on a training session. Get to the gym.

5 Setbacks

You will have lapses. That is just a fact and there is nothing with that. However, the most important thing about your new training regime is that you get back on track. Every day is a new chance to redeem yourself.

6 Treat yourself

And when you hit your target, it is important to reward yourself; be it with a new pair of jeans or a delicious pizza. If you worked out hard, then you have earned it.

So there you have it. Time to get to the gym.

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