New Year, new skills

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The New Year reinforces the notion of trying out new things, wellness, and fitness goals. But have you ever thought about professional development as a New Year's resolution.

In a world which is becoming more and more reliant on technology, why not up skill this year? You never stop learning as you grow and there are number of courses out there that one can avail of to upgrade the CV and enhance job prospects. Even the plain old satisfaction of acquiring new knowledge can be enough to tempt people to participate in a class while meeting new people and friends.

Here at the we decided to provide you with a few ideas of what could be of interest.

1 Unlock the full potential of Excel

Unless you live under a rock, it is likely you have used one of Microsoft's applications, be it at school, at work, or even just applying for a job. Microsoft Word is probably the most used of the applications, however, Excel is not far behind. But it is likely that you have never used this application past entering numbers into the little boxes.

Microsoft Excel is full of useful features and tools Data-oriented skills are on every manager's mind and if you can make PivotTables, use VLOOKUP, and create macros, you will be a step ahead of other applicants.

2 Google Analytics

If a business is online it will use Google Analytics; there is no disputing this. Google Analytics allows businesses to analyse from where visitors to their sites are coming and in what they are interested. This enables businesses to target certain areas in order to achieve the best results. Knowing how to use Google Analytics is a simple but very useful string to anyone's bow and can be the difference between potential job candidates.

3 Public speaking and presentation skills

Have you ever heard of the saying; "He could sell ice to a polar bear?" Being able to speak confidently in a one-on-one meeting or at public events is a very useful skill. A lot of jobs require people to give presentations to prospective clients and how these are presented can be a deal breaker. Of course, the more outgoing and flamboyant are at an advantage over the shy and introverted, but you can improve your skills by taking public speaking classes.

So there you have it. Get upgrading.

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