Discover the fresh, Irish produce that goes into a Supermac’s grilled chicken sandwich

Irish farmers and suppliers are at the heart of an upcoming promotion of the grilled chicken sandwich by Supermac’s. The chain of family restaurants is launching a campaign that highlights the 100 per cent fresh Irish chicken used in the sandwich, reared by Irish farmers and served in artisan wholemeal buns supplied by Coughlan’s bakery in Naas. The Batavia lettuce and red onion are supplied by Curley’s Fresh Food in Castlegar, Co Galway, and the recommended chipotle mayonnaise is supplied by Spice O’ Life in Dunmanway, Co Cork.

The wholemeal grilled chicken sandwich ticks the boxes when it comes to the increasing focus on the quality and nutritional value of the food we consume. A recent survey of university students showed that 84 per cent of consumers felt that healthy ingredients were important, and that 72 per cent of university students felt that protein values mattered. It has fewer than 350 calories, depending on the sauce you select, and has a protein value of 39.4g per sandwich. The sandwich has a point score of seven Smart Points on the Weightwatchers SmartPoints Calculator when light mayo is used.

Each fresh, never frozen, Irish chicken sandwich is made to order so the chicken breast doesn't touch the grill until you order it. Supermac’s spent more than €7 million on Irish poultry in 2017, and this represents a significant investment in the poultry sector by the company. “As part of our commitment to our fresh range we only serve 100 per cent fresh, never frozen, Irish chicken and beef,” Supermac’s MD, Pat McDonagh, said. “Our chicken sandwiches are the best in the business and a large part of the reason for this is the quality of product our Irish farmers produce for us. There is absolutely no doubt that you can taste the difference. Frozen meat loses moisture, and when you lose moisture you lose flavour. That’s why fresh and never frozen is so important and why all our Fresh Range is cooked to order. We are committed to continuing our ongoing support of Irish farmers and utilising Irish produce whenever possible.”

The fresh chicken product range in Supermac’s includes the Snack Box and Lunch Box, the wholemeal grilled chicken sandwich, chicken breast sandwich, and the fresh chicken tenders. The wholemeal grilled chicken sandwich is the latest in a line of fresh meat sandwiches supplied by Supermac’s. The 5oz burger, made famous by Irish rugby legend Sean O’Brien, and the seasonal festive 5oz over the Christmas period were a huge hit with customers. “Our customers decide what we put on our menus,” Mr McDonagh added. “We listen to what they ask for and we deliver. This is what sets us apart. Our customers wanted fresh, 100 per cent Irish, chicken and beef, and they also told us that they wanted a selection of sandwiches that came in at less than 350 calories. The grilled chicken sandwich has proven to be a popular addition to our range.”


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