Choosing a bed that is right for you

Many of us will suffer a bout of back pain at some point, and if you are one of the unlucky ones, you will find that the state of your bed will quickly become a priority. A good bed, providing correct support and comfort, has an important role to play in relieving and preventing back pain. Here are a few tips from Better Bedding on choosing the correct bed

Do not just buy a bed because it says it is good for your back. A bed that is supportive and comfortable is key, but it is important to remember that people’s requirement for support will differ depending on their weight and build.

The term ‘orthopaedic’ generally just means an extra firm bed; it is not based on any medical or other common standard.

Narrow your choice down to two or three and then spend plenty of time lying on these in your normal sleeping positions.

Look for a supportive rather than a hard bed. Do not assume that orthopaedic or firmer beds are the best option. Often a medium firm bed with proper cushioning is better.

A bigger bed will be of benefit both for the back pain sufferer and for his/her partner – with less partner disturbance.

Think also about the height of the bed: can you get in and out of it with relative ease?

Pay attention also to choosing the correct pillow, which must support the neck in alignment with the rest of the spine. Too many pillows thrust the head forward or sideways (depending on your sleeping position ); too few allow the head to tip backwards. Both create a crick in the neck.

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