Fight back against wear and tear

Has your doctor noted that you have “wear and tear”? What now? Should you be concerned? How bad is it?

Patients are often discouraged and frightened when they hear this diagnosis, however wear and tear is a completely normal occurrence which is happening to all of us. The goal is to allow it to progress slowly over time rather than have a quick burst of degeneration.

Factors which lead to progression of wear and tear are:

• Injuries to the joints from whiplash or sports. While these cannot be undone, having them addressed and managed in a timely manner will minimise the negative effect they can have on your body,

• Obesity causes an increased load and pressure to the joints. Managing this with proper diet and exercise is extremely important for the longevity of your joints.

• Repetitive bad motions from work can put more strain on the joints. The bad motions that you are doing at work must be undone by corrective exercises and stretches to ensure premature joint degeneration is combated.

• Excessively stiff joints. Your joints are designed to move smoothly and freely through a full range of motion. Having a chiropractor assess and work with you to optimise joint mobility will ensure positive joint ageing.

Chiropractors are highly qualified at assessing and managing these factors. Chiropractors are trained to read X-rays and MRI scans, giving them the ability to determine the areas where there is an accumulation of wear and tear. From there they design treatment plans and prescribe corrective exercises and to ensure the progression slow and gentle. If you would like to avail of a complimentary consultation, call City Chiropractic at 091 567055.


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