Treat sinus problems with traditional Chinese medicine

Sinusitis or sinus infection is inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nasal cavity. Tiny holes that connect your nasal passages to your sinuses get blocked. It can be caused by a number of factors including colds and flu viruses, infection, polyps, allergies, and irritants. If your sinuses cannot drain properly it causes inflammation and swelling around the nasal area. This can directly affect your breathing, cause pain, irritation, and headaches and affect your day to day living.

The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is a highly effective way to treat both the symptoms and the root cause of sinusitis. Care Cure practitioners stimulate the small channels that connect the sinuses to the nasal passages. Stimulating these congestion points increases blood flow to your sinuses and loosens mucus. This allows the mucus to drain into the nose from the sinuses and allows air to flow into the sinuses from the nose. It can also stimulate the body’s ability to dissolve phlegm, fight infection, and build strength.

Even after your first acupuncture treatment, you should feel your sinuses draining and opening up. Chinese herbs are used to reduce congestion, drain mucus, and reduce heat and inflammation.

Chief TCM practitioner Shunqun Zhou, with more than 30 years’ experience, has successfully treated numerous people affected by sinus conditions. For more information visit or contact Care Cure on 085 865 8818. Care Cure clinic is located just two minutes’ walk from the city centre on St Augustine Street. All major health insurance is accepted and discounted rates are available for students and medical card holders.


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