Don’t let unwanted facial hair ruin your confidence

Unwanted facial hair is a major concern for women of all ages and the idea of never having to wax, pluck, shave, thread, or bleach ever again is extremely enticing. This has caused many women to seek laser hair removal in the hope of saying goodbye to their unwanted hair.

However many women report that laser did not get rid of their facial hair, but it made it much worse. So what is going on?

According to Therese Moylan, owner of Therese Moylan Skincare Centre, 33 Woodquay, Galway, laser is fine to reduce dark, coarse, body hair but definitely not for the face. “Over the past two years dozens of women are showing up at my skincare centre seeking permanent removal of unwanted facial hair that they feel was made worse by laser hair removal performed elsewhere," Therese Moylan said.

"They are totally frustrated at having paid good money for laser to remove dark facial hair, only to find that it caused more hair to grow. But they’re not imagining it. There is an explanation. Most women have a very dense growth of fine, downy, light coloured hair on the face that is not visible to the naked eye and never needs to be removed. The intense heat of the laser beam stimulates this hair and causes it to grow darker and stronger. This problem is known in the industry as laser stimulated hair growth."

There is only one method that is approved by both the US Food and Drug Administration and the British Medical Association for permanent hair removal, and that is electrolysis. "We have the most advanced electrolysis treatment in the world today and we guarantee once your hair is gone it will never grow back," Ms Moylan added. "It can be used on any part of the face or body and treats hairs of all colours including grey and white. It can safely eradicate hair of all textures."

For more details contact Therese Moylan Skincare Centre, 33 Woodquay, Galway, phone 091 566985.


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