The Kasbah Wine Bar

Located at No 2 Quay Street in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Galway, above Tigh Neachtain, the Kasbah Wine Bar is the perfect spot to relax over seasonal and fresh, tapas-style food to share with friends with a choice of fine international wines. The team at the Kasbah have an incredible passion for food and only serve the finest selection of small plates created with products sourced from local producers. The chefs craft exceptionally inventive bites, inspired by traditional Irish food, but with their own unique twist. They also have a wonderful assortment of tapas that are both vegan and gluten free.

During the week, the chefs also prepare the lunches for Tigh Neachtain.

“[Sarah Coffrey] has created a superbly judged balance between new flavours and comforting familiar flavours.” – Aoife McElwain, The Irish Times, 2017.

The team at the Kasbah believe that if food is the body of good living, then the wine is its soul. This is reflected in the selection of wines that have been personally and expertly chosen, with a single goal in mind: to source and present the most unusual wines from all corners of the globe. The also serve champagne and specially selected gins, whiskies, and craft beers.

Savour the special atmosphere of Kasbah in one of the most beautiful rooms in the Latin Quarter.


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