Book launch of Dheai Ilsaaid

Dheai Ilsaaid is a general Oriental practitioner, who has trained in both Eastern and Western practices, studying the human from every aspect; emotionally, physically, structurally, and functionally.

He has extensive training in deep acupuncture, Reiki, massage, iridology, cranial sacral manipulation, medical yoga, and much more.

Ilsaaid treats all medical conditions naturally, mainly through acupuncture, which prevents illness and promotes general health and wellbeing. He also teaches specific breathing techniques and gives physical exercises and dietary advice to further help the body to repair itself.

He also employs techniques to treat the subconscious mind, including positive affirmations, neuron-linguistic programming, mindfulness, meditation, timeline therapy, dream interpretation, hypnosis, and beyond the physical body to an astral level by accessing the soul and spirit.

This treatment is purely natural. It treats not only the symptoms but also the root causes. Hence everybody experiences the treatment differently.

Ilsaaid will launch his book Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy in Charlie Byrnes bookshop at 6:30pm today.

He will talk about the philosophy he is so passionate about and answer questions. Ilsaaid is an incredible man with much knowledge which he is eager to share. You do not need to be a medical practitioner to avail of the learning from this man. He brings things to a basic level, which everyone can understand, and from which everyone can benefit. He treats children under 15 for free.


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