Have a magical winter wedding

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Getting married is special. But having your wedding during winter seems to add that little bit of magic to the martial bliss.

Here at the advertiser.ie we give you the top tips to a wonderful, winter wedding.

1 Extra travel time

It is said that it is fashionable to arrive late but if you keep your guests waiting for an age, they will start to have cold feet (pun intended ). As the weather deteriorates, traffic levels inevitably increase. Allow yourself some extra time to travel to your ceremony, no matter how close or far it is from your departure point.

2 Under the dress

You might look stunning but you could be freezing - it is winter after all. You can wear thick tights underneath your dress. If it is a long dress as is the case with most wedding gowns, who is going to know? This advice can also be adhered to by bridesmaids.

3 Suitably stylish winter footwear

Have you ever considered maybe wearing footwear which is stylish but also practical for the weather conditions? A nice pair of boots for a winter wedding can be a lot more comfortable and warm than a pair of high heels. Substance over style wins ever time in winter.

4 Keep your guests warm

Your guests are there to partake and enjoy your big day. Make sure they are nice and toasty. A hot drink when they arrive at the after function is a great way to keep them cheery.

5 Warm hands for photos

Our hands are the first part of our bodies that lose body heat when we are cold. Ice cold, blue hands are not a good look for your winter wedding photo album, so purchase some hand warmers which will keep the blood flowing through your hands veins and keep away the dreaded blue tinge.

So there you have it, all you need to consider when planning your winter wedding. If you are looking to advertise your wedding services visit: www.classifieds.advertiser.ie


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