Don’t like gyms? Fitness 35 has the answer

Train in half the time with the Milon circuit at Galway’s luxury gym — burns fat up to fifteen times faster than a regular gym

Do you want to get a hardcore workout, but don’t have the money or time for a personal trainer? Do you want results fast? Two million people across Europe are using the Milon circuit - which is now exclusively available at Fitness 35 in Briarhill, Galway.

Since the launch of the Milon circuit in Galway, almost two years ago, a staggering 10,000 stone has been lost.

Gone are the days of adjusting machines and resistance, now Milon technology will do it all for you — even count your reps. You will look and train like a pro and get guaranteed results in just 35 minutes.

Just two sessions every seven days is all it takes. You may have heard that strong is the new skinny. That is because strength machines burn more calories (and body fat ) than cardio machines. Often, gym users are reluctant to include strength in their programme and rely too heavily on the familiar treadmill. With Milon, a 35 minute circle will burn more calories than 60 minutes on the treadmill. What’s more, the clever strategy of one minute per machine means that you will never have to queue, or ask somebody to move, or rely on a personal trainer for advice - this computerised, easy to use, smart card circuit does all the calculations for you.

The Milon circuit is available at Fitness 35, Level 2, Briarhill Shopping Centre.


"I signed up to Fitness 35 for the six week programme in February and lost 22lb and 14 inches and felt amazing. I have now taken out annual membership and my progress continues after losing a further 6lb. I would highly recommend Fitness35 for anyone looking to lose weight and improve health and over all life style." — Donna McKenna, member of Fitness35. Her husband Robert McKenna also lost 25lb.

Tom Treacy: "I joined Fitness 35 last January. Earlier last year I had an op on my back for discs, it has helped my back and to build up the muscles. Thanks to all the team and management I am fighting fit and it has improved my life 100 per cent."

Mairead Farrell: "I started training with Fitness 35 in June. I've always been interested in my fitness, with varying degrees of success over the years, but I had grown a bit cynical of the usual gyms — treadmills, heavy cardio, a lot of hanging around, with results slow to show. So I did approach Fitness 35 with no expectation. However, within one day of being introduced to the Milon circuit, I was hooked. The whole team, with Mary at the helm, are fantastic, supportive, encouraging, and they create a very relaxed atmosphere. The workout, the ease of use of the machines, the time involved, all suit me so well. As for results, I have never felt so fit or well, I fit in clothes I have not worn in a long time, ie, years, and my energy levels are better than when I was in my twenties (I'm 46 now ). For me, this is only the beginning. Everything I want in a workout and a gym is in Fitness 35."

For more information call 091 762090 or email [email protected].



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