Can The Watchmaker save time and the city?

Showe for all ages fuses classical ballet with hiphop, popping, break dance, and contemporary dance

THE CLOCK in the town's main square has been stolen, leading to confusion and panic among the citizens, especially when evil spirits arrive, causing mayhem, violence, and confusion.

Who will save the day? Enter The Watchmaker, he has a plan, but does he have enough time to realise it? This is The Watchmaker, a new family show mixing classical ballet with modern dance, hiphop, popping, break dance, and contemporary dance, which comes to the Black Box Theatre on Saturday October 7 at 8pm.

A dark dark fairytale examining the problematic illusion of time, The Watchmaker is presented by MyArt Dublin, and is written and choreographed by Veronika Sardiko. It features Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Brazilian, Argentinian, French, Italian, Australian, Japanese, Indonesian, Philippinian, Moroccan, Turkish, Polish, and South African dancers.

Tickets are available from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777 or


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