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Meet Liam McCarthy at Galway Memorial Walk

The Liam McCarthy cup and a number of the senior players will be in attendance prior to the start of the Galway Memorial Walk on Sunday.

If you would like a picture with the cup, you can do so between 11.00am and 12pm. Parking will be limited at the Claddagh Hall but the Galway Technical Institute on Fr. Griffin Road are kindly facilitating the hospice by opening its car park to participants of the Walk.

Connolly asks for answers on suggestion liner dredged up algae

Cllr Colette Connolly has welcomed the lifting of the Red Flag ‘Do Not Swim Warning’ on Galway’s beaches that had been in place since last Friday. The presence last Friday of a green algae in Blackrock prompted test sampling, which was subsequently sent to the HSE and Marine Institute for analysis. Cllr Connolly says she contacted GCC Environment and the City Manager in relation to the issue and was assured that the samples tested would be analysed quickly and the results made available on Saturday. However, the cause of the algae has still not been realised and GCC has informed Cllr Connolly that the Marine Institute are still carrying out tests but the HSE instructed GCC that they could remove the warning notices.

Cllr Connolly says that the policy of GCC in relation to communicating with the public must be revised and improved. She says that she received complaints from the public that the signage was erected late only on Saturday and that the Red Flag did not remain in situ 24/7 for the duration of the crisis. She says it is a great pity that swimmers were not better informed and that many continued to swim when the Red Flag was not flying, which is totally unacceptable.

She has also asked the Environment Department to contact the Harbour Master to allay the public’s fears regarding the disposal of waste from the cruise liner that recently docked in Galway Bay. In addition, she said that members of the public fear that the liner is responsible for sea agitation that dredged up the algae. Cllr Connolly says that it would be best for GCC to allay those fears and reassure the public in the interest of all.


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